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Dane County Housing Initiative (DCHI)

--Partnering to promote business retention, a stable workforce, and ensuring all Dane County residents have a place they can call home!
Housing Summit

2018 Dane County Housing Summit

Hosted Dane County Housing Initiative (DCHI)

Closing the Housing Gap: Dane County Community Initiatives Lead the Way

Thursday, October 25, 2018, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm networking lunch and presentations to follow
Alliant Energy Center

9:00 – 10:00am

Introductions, and welcome by Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi and County Board Chair, Sharon Corrigan

Minding the Gap: The Housing Crisis in Dane County - film screening
Video Link

Who Needs It? Demographics and Demand for Workforce and Affordable Housing
Kurt Paulsen, Professor, UW Madison Urban and Regional Planning
Updates on Dane County Housing Trends and Challenges

Dane County Senior Housing Crisis: What You Need to Know about Dane County’s Senior Population
Cheryl Batterman, Director, Dane County Area Office on Aging. The size of our senior citizen population is growing. Hear about Dane County’s senior population, the housing challenges they are facing, and what can be done.
Dane County Senior Housing Crisis
Dane County Senior Housing Challenges: Resource and Stories
2018 Case Management Service Reports: Housing Challenges

Fair Housing 50 Year Anniversary! – What is Fair Housing, and Why it Matters?
Byron Bishop, Division Manager, Equal Opportunities, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights. This talk will address fair housing within communities and the problems, symptoms and solutions as it relates to housing discrimination.
Approaches to Fair Housing

Dane County Employer Survey Results: Good News, Bad News, What Next?
Olivia Parry, Sr. Planner, Dane County Planning and Development Department
Dane County Employer Survey Results

10:00 – 11:40

Closing the Housing Gap: Dane County Community Initiatives Lead the Way
Dane County communities discuss their housing initiatives, who’s involved, current strategies, their progress and lessons learned.
Fitchburg Affordable Housing Plan

Facilitator -- Mayor Paul Esser, City of Sun Prairie
Mount Horeb -- Carol Johnson, Executive Director, Mount Horeb Area Economic Development Corporation
Mt. Horeb Housing Report
DeForest -- Abigail Lowery, Trustee, Village of DeForest, Chair of the DeForest Housing Authority
Current Housing Status - Deforest
Oregon -- Jenna Jacobson, Trustee, Village of Oregon
Sun Prairie -- Mayor Paul Esser; Scott Kugler, Community Development Director; Neil Stechschulte, Director of Economic Development
Sun Prairie presentation
Fitchburg -- Aaron Richardson, Alder, City of Fitchburg, and Co-Chair Fitchburg Housing Taskforce
Middleton -- Mike Davis, Administrator, City of Middleton
Workforce Strategy Report

BREAK - 10 minutes

11:50 – 12:30

Strategies and Tools for Communities Interested in Affordable Workforce Housing
Professor James LaGro, UW Madison, Urban and Regional Planning Department. Professor James LaGro introduces guidelines developed as part of the Dane County UniverCity Program and partnership. Hear an overview of resources and best practices for developing affordable workforce housing and sustainable communities.
Affordable Workforce Housing Report

Can We Talk: Communication Strategies for Discussing the Housing Gap
Ann Smith, Executive Director, Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce. In this presentation you will hear about a wide variety of communication tools and strategies Sun Prairie used to bring the discussion of workforce and affordable housing to the Sun Prairie community, residents and businesses.
Sun Prarie Workforce Housing Communication

Growing Successful Communities , Why Transportation is Key
Bill Schaefer, Transportation Planning Manager, Madison Area Transportation Planning. This presentation will discuss the role of transportation in Creating Healthy, Vibrant, and Affordable Communities.
Housing + Transportation Presentation

Tips on Financing Local Projects & Attracting Mixed-Income Development to Your Community
Joe’Mar Hooper, Wisconsin Market Leader, Common Bond Communities, Wisconsin. Learn what it takes to finance mixed-income housing, and what you can do to facilitate affordable and workforce housing development in your community.
Developing Workforce Housing

On the Doorstep of Home
Brenda Konkel, Executive Director of Tenant Resource Center. Do you want to help? Learn about a direct way you, your family, business or community can provide a home for a resident or family in Dane County. Brenda shares information about the Tenant Resource Center housing fund that enables Dane County residents to get housing, immediately.

12:30 Break (15 minutes) - get lunch, drink, find a seat

12:45 – 1:20 Lunch Presentations

State and Federal Policy Updates - New Reporting Requirements for WI Municipalities
Kurt Paulsen, Professor, UW Madison Urban and Regional Planning. Learn about the new public policy developments related to mixed-income (affordable/workforce) housing and financing housing, at both the state and federal level.
State and Federal Housing Updates

2018 Dane County Affordable Housing Development Fund Awards
Todd Violante, Director, Dane County Planning and Development Department will share the results of the 2018 Affordable Housing Funds request for proposals.
Dane County Affordable Housing Fund Awards 2015-2018

A Greater Madison Vision
Steve Steinhoff, Deputy Director of the Capital Area Regional Plan Commission (CARPC). Over the next 25 years the region’s population will grow by over 150,000 people. We’ll need to adapt to driverless cars, a changing climate, AI and job automation, growing inequality, and a doubling of the aging population. How will we do this?
A Greater Madison Vision

What’s the Big Idea?
Tom Landgraf, Real Estate Professor, UW School of Business; Dimension Development. James LaGro, UW Madison, Urban and Regional Planning Department. Learn about the next generation of planning and community development, and how your community can become part of the future! UW Madison and Dane County applied for the DreamUp challenge, a new venture called Schmidt Futures, funded by Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO. We won the first round, but no matter what happens in the next round of funding, this initiative is moving forward. We hope you can join us in this exciting next step!
Dream Up

2017 Dane County Housing Summit - Live Video

Workforce Housing Gap: Meeting the Needs of Dane County Employers and Employees

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 9:00 – 12:00 noon – Alliant Energy Center


9:00 am – 9:10
Introductions, Welcome Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi, County Board Chair, Sharon Corrigan. Dane County Housing updates, DCHI Coordinator.

Introduction Presentation

9:10 – 9:40 Workforce Housing Trends in Dane County Wyman Winston, Executive Director, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Association (WHEDA). Mr. Winston will offer a primer on WHEDA, discuss the current housing gap, development trends, pressing issues and opportunities for housing development in Dane County communities.

WHEDA Presentation

9:45 – 10:55 am Panel One Workforce Housing Gap - Exploring the Impacts on Dane County Employers and Employees Panelists will discuss their companies, provide a workforce profile and share any impacts the housing gap may have on their business and workforce, community or family.

Workforce Profile Presentation

11:00 – 12:00 Panel Two Model Developments: Filling the Workforce Housing Gap Developers will discuss how they work with communities to understand and address their needs, share examples of their developments, common obstacles, incentives, and tips for an effective development process.

Developer Presentation

Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 You’re invited! Box lunch, optional – Lunch will provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to continue their discussion over a casual lunch. Cost $5.00 for first 50 participants. $14.95 regular price.

FAQ Workforce Housing and Economic Development

Dane County Workforce Housing Gap Fact Sheet

2017 Housing Summit Video


2017 Dane County Housing Summit – Time Outline

0-4:00 Welcome, Olivia Parry, DCHI Coordinator

4:15 – Opening Remarks – Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, County Board of Supervisors Chair Corrigan Keynote – Workforce Housing

11:26 – Keynote – Trends in Housing, Dane County - Wyman Winston, Executive Director, WHEDA


46:20 – Panel One – Exploring the Workforce Housing Gap: Dane County Employers and Employees

49:00 – Kurt Paulsen, Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, UW Madison – Dane County Workforce Housing Gap Profile

54:40 – Mike Davis, Administrator, Middleton Workforce Housing Committee and Initiatives

1:05 – Todd Costello, Executive Director, Community Living Alliance, Madison, WI (healthcare employer)

1:16:45 – Jeffrey Nutt, VP/General Manager, Pan O’ Gold Baking Company, Sun Prairie, WI, Sun Prairie Workforce Housing Committee

1:21:05 – Kris Koenig, Owner, Natura Clean, Middleton WI (small business)

1:32:15 Dane County Employer Survey Presentation, Olivia Parry, DC Sr. Planner

Panel Topics:
Employee retention; turnover; senior healthcare shortages due to lack employees; employer assisted housing; risks to aging in place; homeless workers; employer employee survey responses; shorter commute times improve productivity and retention, increases local spending; Sun Prairie Workforce Housing Committee purpose; need for starter homes and smaller single family; municipal tools for funding workforce housing; land use policies that restrict workforce housing; policy tools to advance housing development including local housing committees, public/private partnerships, ongoing public outreach and communication.


1:53:45 – Dane County Employer Workforce Housing Survey Summer 2017

1:56:00 – Panel Two Workforce Housing Developers - Model Developments: Filling Workforce Housing Gap Rob Dicke, DC Housing Authority, Facilitator

1:59.50 - Helen Bradbury, President, Stone House Development, 2:04:00 Workforce Housing Rental Prices

2:11:55 – Justice Castañeda, Executive Director, Common Wealth

2:27:50 – Nicole Solheim, Developer, Gary Gorman and Co.

2:40 – Q & A, 2:58:00 – WRAP UP NEXT STEPS…

Panel Topics:
Examples of workforce housing; who lives in them; income requirements; need for local funding to develop workforce housing; what the community can do to help local employers and build workforce; housing integral to community health, safety and sustainable neighborhoods; need for permanent affordable housing; land trust model; housing as public goods?; need for communities to work closely with developers to be competitive for WHEDA section 42 tax credits; housing discrimination against poor, formerly incarcerated, what to do? housing first; local municipalities 90% of all NIMBYism throughout the state is in Dane County 2:48:30; should WHEDA ask developers to connect with local employer for tax credit application? 2:54:34 Dane County UniverCity Initiative/Partnership.


2016 Dane County Housing Summit

Working Together to Expand Housing Opportunities

...Where residents, elected officials and stakeholders can meet, learn from each other, and explore strategies to increase housing options in Dane County

Wednesday, May 11, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Alliant Energy Center

Meeting Agenda
2016 Housing Summit Agenda

3:00 Welcome - Olivia Parry, Dane County Planning and Development Department
Steering Committee and Sponsors

3:05 Opening Remarks – Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive and Sharon Corrigan, Chair, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Housing Gap Fact Sheet
Update on Dane County Housing Market Conditions since 2015 release of “Housing Needs Assessment” Report

3:15 Keynote - Marah Curtis, Professor, UW Madison, School of Social Work
Professor Curtis will discuss national trends in housing and housing policy, and share information on the health and social impacts on children and adults who experience housing instability. Q&A
Dane County Housing Summit Keynote Speaker Bio
2016 Dane County Housing Summit Keynote Presentation

3:50 Workshop Sessions – Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Board of Supervisors

4:00-4:45 - Workshops

  1. Economic Development and Workforce Housing
    Workforce housing creates jobs and promotes economic development. Employers need a stable workforce. What can we do to make our region competitive, attract new businesses, and retain our existing employers?

    Speaker - Mike Davis, Administrator, City of Middleton
    Facilitator - Van Nutt, Middleton Chamber of Commerce

    Economic Development and Workforce Housing Fact Sheet
    Economic Development and Workforce Housing Workshop Presentation

  2. Community Conversations for Elected Officials and Residents
    Get key information on the challenges and opportunities to expanding housing options. Discuss ideas for meaningful dialogue in your community including communication tools, strategies, meeting ideas and talking points.

    Speakers – Sue Thering, Design Coalition Institute; Mary Michaud, Public Health, Madison and Dane County
    Facilitator –Carousel Bayrd, YWCA, Dane County Board of Supervisors

    Ideas for Community Conversations Fact Sheet
    Tips For Effective Community Conversations Workshop Presentation
    Housing Options Community Conversation Workshop Presentation
    Public Participation Processes for Housing Workshop Presentation

  3. Financing: How Do I Pay for Smaller, Less Expensive Housing?
    What does it cost? What does it look like? Where is the money to build multi-family, or smaller less expensive housing in your community? Find out more about using TIF financing, tax credits, housing lenders, and more. Learn ways to structure affordable housing deals and get them done.

    Speakers – Shreedar Ranabhat, Forward Community Investments; Rob Dicke, Dane County Housing Authority
    Facilitator – Mary Brown, WI NAACP, Housing Committee

    Housing Financing Tools Fact Sheet

  4. Supporting Children to Thrive: The Critical Role of Stable Housing
    Youth are resilient, but stable housing helps. Dane County schools are facing a growing crisis of homeless school children, learn more about the social and economic impacts on your community, and discuss strategies that will help children thrive.

    Speaker – Erin Schettler, Student Services, Verona School District; Karen Rice and Chris Mand, Middleton Cross Plains School District; Cynthia Whiteaker, Shelter from the Storm, Sun Prairie
    Facilitator – Nancy Bauch, YWCA

    Supporting Children to Thrive Fact Sheet
    Widespread Impacts of Homelessness on Dane County Students

  5. Tools for Expanding Housing Options
    How does land use planning and your zoning code impact housing costs? What changes can you make to your zoning code to reduce the cost of housing? Where should less expensive housing be located, and why transportation matters?

    Speakers – Matt Wachter, City CDBG; Heather Stouder, City of Madison Planning Department
    Facilitator – Pam Andros, Dane County Planning and Development

    Planning Tools for Expanding Housing Options Fact Sheet
    Land Use and Planning Tools for Expanded Housing Options Workshop Presentation

4:45-5:00 Break

5:00-5:20 Greg and Candy - Meet a young couple who struggled to keep their family together. Learn about their obstacles, how they found housing and were able to create financial stability and provide a home for their children.

5:20-5:40 Report back from workshops (2 minutes each)

5:40-:5:55 Dane County Affordable Housing Development Fund Dave Phillips, Office of Workforce and Economic Development, will provide an overview of the first year of the Development Fund, lessons learned, and what’s in store for the next round of funding.

Dane County Affordable Housing Fund Fact Sheet

5:55-6:00 Wrap up and next steps Olivia Parry, Dane County Planning and Development, Ann Smith, Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce


2015 Dane County Housing Summit



0:00:00Opening remarks: Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, County Board Chair, Sharon Corrigan

0:06:50Keynote speaker Prof. Kurt Paulsen, Housing Needs Assessment: Dane County and Municipalities

0:22:00– Q & A

0:40:26Panel One – Who Needs Housing and Economic Impacts

0:50:00– Seniors and Disabled

1:00:00– Families and Children

1:34:00Panel Two – Model Housing Development

1:44:00– Parmenter Circle, Multifamily Housing, Middleton

1:50:00– Single Homeownership – Habitat for Humanity

1:56:00– Housing for Homeless with Mental Illness – Housing Initiatives

2:03:00– Multi Family Housing for Disabled, Waunakee

2:22:00Panel Three – Dane County Housing Resources